Chastity Belts: 5 Tips About the Right Fit

Chastity Belts: 5 Tips About the Right Fit

What you need to know to find the best fitting chastity cage for you

Male penises are like snowflakes. Ok, they usually are not that small and also the do not fall from the sky in winter time. But one thing that they have in common with snowflakes is that every single one is unique. Long and short, grower and shower, straight and crooked, thick and thin, circumcised or not – and the list of differences goes on.

We are united in our differences. But this creates a problem when it comes to choosing your perfect fit. Especially if you are planning to wear it long term, maybe 24/7, and not only for the duration of a play session.

So, if we are all different, what is it you should be looking for when trying to find your perfect chastity belt? The most important thing is a snug fit. So, here are our 5 tips that will help you understand the importance of the right fit:

“Make sure to measure yourself properly, both erect and flaccid. Especially flaccid.”

Any guy that bought a chastity device that did not fit

1. Measure yourself flaccid

Know your size and know it well. Make sure to measure yourself properly, both erect and flaccid. Especially flaccid. I cannot stress this enough. You need to measure your flaccid penis when it is really, absolutely non-erect and at its smallest state. This can be difficult because chances are you will be very excited when measuring yourself for buying a chastity device.

I know it may break your ego, but your flaccid penis in its smallest state is your reference point here. Because this is your standard mode that you will be in 95% of the time and you want a good, tight fit for these 95% and for the remaining 5% the idea is to suppress any erection, right?

2. Understand the measurements

It is of vital importance that you understand the measurements the manufacturer is indicating for its device. Example: For some devices the tube length is showing the outer measurements of the tube, from the top to the bottom including the curvature of the devices. This usually overstates the length of tube, because you need to fit inside of it. Not outside.

For others it is just the other way around: The length is measuring a straight line within the tube. This is what you want to know and you should ask the manufacturer or seller in case it is not stated in the cage’s specifications.

3. Consider girth before length

Erotic culture pays much attention towards the length of a man’s penis. It’s different in your endeavor of finding your perfect chastity device. The first thing a man thinks about when he thinks about measuring his penis is obviously length. We all did at least once. But when you are looking to find a chastity belt, the most important measurement is your girth.

“When wearing a ball-trapped device, very much emphasis on the ring size you must put.”


Why, you ask? Because when wearing a ball-trapped device, the resulting fit of your chastity device very much depends on the right size of the ring. If that ring is too tight, you end up with blue, swollen balls, which hurts and can even be dangerous. If it’s too loose, you’ll soon find your member sneaking out of its new home.

4. Realize security and comfort are always in a trade-off

I hate to break it to you, but total 100% security in combination with maximum comfort without any major addons like a Prince Albert piercing or a urethral plug is a myth. In my experience, there is more or less an inverse linear relationship between comfort and security. For me personally, the most comfortable devices were also those were manipulation, pull outs or unallowed masturbation was easiest to achieve in.

Now, of course this is a matter of how you define comfort: A full-on hip belt covering your entire package is ultra-secure and can maybe even be comfortable to wear, but latest when it comes to cleaning yourself or going to the toilet (for number 2) things tend to move towards uncomfortable-land.

5. Accept it is more difficult as a grower

Some of us grow considerably when they get erect. This is called a grower. Others are already relatively large when limp and do not grow that much when they get erect, their penises just swell with blood but stay more or less the same size. This is called a shower.

Overall, the world of chastity is an unfair world to growers, especially when it comes to the aforementioned topic of comfort vs. security. While it is always important to have a snug fit when flaccid, this is especially true for growers, as a too loose fit when limp is a killer for security.

I hope this gives you a better idea on what to know when you start your journey to find your perfect chastity belt.

Have you already tried and tested some chastity devices? What were your experiences? Let us know how it went for you and help others in finding their chastity belt!

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