Large foreskin giving chastity troubles


There is no way I’m the only one with this issue! Don’t get me wrong, I like having one though… but I’m having trouble enjoying chastity due to the foreskin often getting in the way.

Its either blocking off or awkwardly redirecting where pee goes to (usually wetting the entire inside of the cage) and for example with the Holy Trainer a little piece of the foreskin goes through the hole and this really hurts inside clothing!

What options do I have? Any tips or specific devices that work better?

Let me know

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no, you are definitely not the only person with this problem. A lot of people have this problem, myself included.

The most permanent solution is obviously getting circumcised, but I guess this is not what you were looking for.

Regarding the peeing problem, I usually make sure that I pull the foreskin out of the cage before I start peeing. After I am finished and have wiped everything, I take a piece of toilet paper (or actually only half of it…. around 5x10cm) and fold it a couple of times until it is about the size of a fingernail (or a bit bigger). With this piece I will push the foreskin back into the cage and push into the slot. This prevents the foreskin from peeking out and keeps it in place nice and safely. No rubbing, no pinching.

Hope that helps.

Stay chaste

P.S.: It would be great if you would leave a review of your favorite chastity device(s) in the review section.

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