Neosteel style rear opening and bathroom use


These full belts have an oval on the bottom that is supposed to be for defecating.  Unfortunately I am finding this style is very difficult to use in the real world and makes quite the mess.  While going about my business in the morning and then showering is a workaround for keeping clean, how do people defecate during the day and not make a huge mess?

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Hi Jeff,

this is indeed a very good question.

Question in return: Do you actually have a custom fit full belt or is it rather a knock-off model from the far east?

We hear about problems like this a lot from people using some knock-off models, as these rarely fit their user 100%.

If you have a custom fit model you should go back to your retailer and talk about this problem with him. Most people report that especially Neosteel are very engaged to make their customers happy and go out of their way to deliver a good quality product even if that means making several ex post modifications to the belt.

Stay chaste!

The Fox

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