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Tight, 24/7 possible, but manufacturing quality to be improved
(Updated: March 20, 2020)
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I bought the small tube as an addon to the regular CB-6000. For me as a grower, it is way more secure and also more comfortable than the standard tube. Security-wise it is much harder to pull it out than in the standard tube, especially if you use limited amounts of lube to get in.

For me there is absolutely zero space to grow, usually nipping any erection in the bud, which makes the experience more strict than in the standard device. As with the standard length, the cage has a closed tube and there is hardly any touching possible except maybe some foreskin peeping through the hole, adding some mindfuck factor to the scenery. This peeping foreskin may be an issue from time to time as it may pinch, but you eventually get used to it.

From a comfort perspective it can be worn 24/7. Hygiene may be an issue though, especially if you are uncircumcised as it will be difficult to clean yourself thoroughly. Taking it off every couple of days to wash yourself is therefore well advised.

The device hides fairly well under normal clothing. I always had the impression I got some looks from the guys in the gym, as your gym shorts may exhibit a mildly-more-impressive-than-standard bulge - if you can cope with that, it is fine for 24/7 wear I'd say.

In terms of manufacturing quality, I must say, that I am not 100% satisfied as the tube after several months split in the middle, where there appears to be a predetermined breaking point. This is physically painful as usually then skin gets pinched between the two halves, which causes severe (unerotic) pain. Also, it is annoying from an economic point of view since the products from the CB series tend to be on the more pricey side of the tube cages and one would expect flawless craftmanship if such tubes alone (without the ring) are traded for 70 EUR and more.

The ring can be dis-assembled into 3 pieces, which appears a bit complicated at the first glance but to me appears to be a smarter solution than the hinged ring of the CB-3000 as skin irritations caused by hinges are ruled out.

So overall a good device that can be worn 24/7 if you take care of your hygiene. It would be an even better device if they improved the durability of the material.

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