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(Updated: March 20, 2020)
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This was the first chastity device I ever bought, maybe back in 2006 or so and it remained my secret favorite.

The design is oldschool, it looks a bit like a prison for your penis. But once you wear it, it looks pretty nice. I actually prefer it over usual tube cages.

Fit is snug for me, but overall this thing probably not made for super-equipped guys. That's what they then made The Curve for. I consider myself quite a grower and for me it is one of the better fitting devices. When unerect, I still have some room in there, but when erect, it is getting tight, however not in an unpleasurable manner. I am uncircumcised and that is a problem with many tube-like devices as the foreskin often pinches when it peeps out through the slit at the top. This is however not a problem at all with the CB-2000. So 24/7 wear is possible for me.

Speaking of unpleasurable: as an addon for the device they sold the infamous "Points of Intrigue" (POI) back then, which should help preventing a pull-out or, if you're bit masochistic like me, add some rather painful aspect to the whole experience. They are available in three different sizes, with the smallest ones being the only bearable ones for me. The middle-sized ones already cause excruciating pain with the smallest erection - turning the cage into a devious torturing device for the lazy dom. :-)

I gave only 2 points for security, as in general the device prevents masturbation once you're hard. Unfortunately, pulling out a flaccid penis is possible however, even with the POI. Getting it back in is a different game, so at least your escape won't go unnoticed.

What probably will be noticed though is the considerable bulge in your pants. While more modern devices focus a lot on concealability, this at least appears not having been the center of attention back in the days. It's okay if you're wearing not all too tight pants, but definitely will get you some (probably unwanted) attention when wearing a suit to work.

Manufacturing quality is outstanding. Even after 15 years the device does what it should do and it does not reveal any sharp edges nor does it produce irritating spots on the skin.

The device is or was fairly pricey at more than 100 EUR, especially considering the insane amount of low cost Made in China devices these days. It is, however, totally worth every cent.

There appears to be one major problem with this device though: I could not find one single shop where it is still available, except for some knockoffs on AliExpress. :-(

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