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For a couple of years the Swiss manufacturer behind the HolyTrainer has been active in the chastity cage market. They were the first ones to use bio resin instead of polycarbonate and also the first ones to use integrated padlocks as well as an ergonomic A-ring. The formula appears to be working since there is a large array of cheap knockoffs available.

I admit that I first tried one of the knockoffs in order to see whether the whole concept is appealing to me. It turned out that I liked it and then I ordered the "real deal".

First off, be aware that when you order the original from Switzerland, on top of the already hefty price comes usually some customs duty you have to pay (except if you are in fact from Switzerland). So the total price you can expect to pay is more in the range of close to 200 EUR.

Once you left the price shock behind you, what you'll get is a nice device. I have never worn a device which is so comfortable, thanks to the ergonomic shape of the ring and the tube. That being said, as my member is not circumsized, I often had the issue of the foreskin peeping through the front hole, which then gets pinched between the cage and my (under)pants. Yikes, ouch. I found the pinching harder to get used to than with the CB series, which is why I gave it only 4 points for comfort.

The ergonomic shape of the device makes it close to undetectable under clothing and therefore definitely suitable for 24/7. As with all tube-shaped devices, mind your hygiene, especially if you are uncircumcised. Take it off every other day or so (once a week at the absolut least) to make sure you're not growing some yeast down there.

In terms of manufacturing quality you would expect the highest standards given the price point - and these standards are met if you opt for the Swiss variant. If you go for some Chinese knockoff it's highly likely you will have some raw spots on the device causing irritation - that's at least what I got.

A major drawback of the device is it's security though, at least for me. While I never had a device that was as comfortable, I also never had a device where pulling out the penis (flaccid or erect) was that easy. It's up to you if that is what you want, but for me it defeats the purpose.

So, overall a high quality, super comfortable device with a lack of security.

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