Sizing: 3 Must Dos to Measure Yourself Successfully

Sizing: 3 Must Dos to Measure Yourself Successfully

Why chastity cage shopping is like shopping for clothing. Except, that it isn’t.

Much like shopping for clothing, finding the right chastity device for you can be a frustrating experience. Especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. The number of chastity devices out there has grown exponentially over the last couple of years and it is hard to know what suits you and what doesn’t.

While we usually know our sizes when we go shopping for some pants or shoes, this doesn’t seem to be the case for many men buying their first chastity device.

“I cannot give it back once I tried it on at home. But I am sure it will fit nicely.”

Any guy out there buying a chastity device without taking measurements

Imagine this: You walk into clothing store and wander around. You see a shirt in a color you really like. Also, you’ve seen a lot of people wearing shirts like this lately, so it must be a popular and thus good choice.

The shirt is an XL. You don’t really know your size, since you’ve never bought a shirt before. It sucks that you cannot try it on in the store, but you are sure it will fit.

You buy it anyway because you really want that shirt. You’ve been thinking about getting a shirt for so long. So, the shirt will fit, right? Also, you cannot give it back once you tried it on at home. But you are sure it will fit nicely.

Sounds absurd? It is. Yet, this is how many of us make a purchasing decision when it comes to chastity devices.

Well, we most likely won’t be able to change the fact that you cannot return a chastity device – for obvious reasons. But we at least can work on you knowing your size and thereby minimizing the probability of you needing to return your device. So, here are our 3 tips helping you measure yourself properly (for a ball trapped device). Let’s get started.

1. Make sure you are flaccid. Really flaccid.

When measuring yourself for a chastity device, it is an absolute necessity that you are totally flaccid. You need to measure your flaccid penis when it is really, absolutely non-erect and at its smallest state. This can be difficult because chances are you will be very excited when measuring yourself for buying a chastity device.

I know it may break your ego, but your flaccid penis in its smallest state is your reference point here. Why you ask? Well, because this is your standard mode that you will be in 95% of the time and you want a good, tight fit for these 95% and for the remaining 5% the idea is to suppress any erection, right? Right.

So, do whatever is necessary to make yourself limb. Cool it with ice. Think of something non-erotic. Or maybe even engage in the otherwise unforgivable act of getting yourself off. While you’re at it, enjoy it while it lasts – you won’t be able to do that all too often in the future if you measure yourself properly.

Oh, and before you ask: You do not need to go into a cooling chamber or crawl around in snow for 10 minutes. Room temperature is just fine. In fact, it may be helpful to take a hot shower before, as this will make you limb (do not touch yourself!) while ensuring some active blood flow. This is the state you want your member in.

2. Get the length right

Once you’re flaccid, take a ruler or – even better – some tape measure. It is less rigid than a ruler and will therefore take any particularities of your anatomy better into account.

Now, stand up straight, maybe even standing with your back leaned against a wall to make sure you are really standing straight. Hold the tape measure or ruler from your body to the tip. Press it against your pubic bone.

The result is not the result yet. Subtract 0.5 – 1.5cm (1/4-1/2 inch). Remember, we want the tube to have a snug fit, even when flaccid. Ideally, eventually your pee hole touches the front of the cage when unerect.

3. Measure the diameter correctly

As many cock cages come with only one ring, it is especially important, that you get a good sense of what size you might need – before buying.

A good ring feels like a well-fitting cock ring: It is placed snugly behind your balls and stays there. If it is still loose, go one size down. At the same time, it allows for some blood flow. But: It should never hurt, it should never leave bruises and it should especially not cause your member to turn blue, cold or numb. If one of the latter happens, make sure to go one size up.

The usually available rings are somewhere between 35 and 55mm in diameter. So, there is something for (almost) all of us. But what size to choose now?

“If I only had a magic number to figure out the diameter of my cock.”

Leonhard Euler, discoverer of the mathematical constant Pi

Before going into practical matters, let’s apply some basic math here: As the penis has a mostly round shape and measuring the diameter directly is unpractical, we rather go for the circumference and divide that value by 3 to obtain your diameter. You might remember the number Pi from high school. In case you wondered what they had taught you this one for: Well, here’s your use case.

Example: Your circumference is 150mm. Divided by 3 that is 50mm.

For measurement, take some tape measure and wrap it around your cock and balls. If you don’t own tape measure just take a string or a shoelace and hold the resulting length next to a ruler. Wrap the cord in such a way that it fits tightly but make sure it is still possible to put a finger below the tape.

In case you plan to order a cock cage with more than one ring, you should start with the size you just measured and calculated and then work your way down. In case you plan to order a cage with only one ring, I would go with that size or the closest one. In case of doubt, err on the smaller side.

Anyway, I would always try to order models with more than one ring, as your package also usually gets used to its new home and then often asks for a smaller ring after a few days or weeks. If your belt of choice is very expensive, we would recommend trying to find a Chinese knock-off first as they usually come with multiple rings.

I sincerely hope that this helps you to find out your actual measurements. Have you ever had issues with finding out your size? How did you solve it? Tell us about your experiences in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.