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Spiked Steel Chastity Belt, 15cm
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This one hurts! If you like pain, this is the right device for you. If you don't, stay away from it. If you have experience with the POI from the CB series, imagine those, just 10x more powerful, as this devious device has (nasty!) spikes along the entire tube.

Once you wear it and start to get erect you're in for a ride - and there is no way you can get out of this one until you get soft again. However, if you're flaccid and a grower like me, it is pretty easy to pull out from the back though.

It is a wonderful chastity belt for short term play in case your lazy dom wants to see you in agony but is not in the mood to work for it. I would not recommend it for long-term wear though, as the spikes can leave pretty nasty marks which should be monitored and maybe also taken care of after play.

Also, the device is pretty bulky, leaving a quite a bulge in your pants, making it not very suitable for 24/7 wear.

The manufacturing quality of the tube itself is good, but overall as a whole not outstanding, as the ring can leave some irritating spots on the skin (due to the hinge) and the way the locking pin is connected to the tube is far from an optimal solution as it wiggles. I fixed it with a DIY solution, but without this it is really annoying especially it you start walking around with it.

Overall I'd say it is a nice addon to your collection if are into pain and already own a device for "every day wear".

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